Further milestones in the corporate history


Daily routine often brings about decisive innovations:

The active substance combination of fenugreek seed concentrate and the micronutrients selected by Arcon is unique as an effective hair treatment. This nutritional supplement is a milestone with regard to hair loss amongst men and women of all ages. What is globally sold today started with an almost occurrence in Singen am Bodensee [on Lake Constance].

In the summer of 1982, company founder Heinz Mai – an admitted supporter of naturopathy – actually wanted to combat a stubborn bout of bronchitis with the help of a complicated-to-prepare tea from old herbal books. He especially required fenugreek seeds for this tea.

He continually drank this very aromatic-tasting tea over the course of months and noticed – in addition to the alleviation of the bronchitis – an unforeseen and at the same time incredible additional effect. The hairs in the temple region became thicker and receding temple hairs smaller. Not only did his wife notice this, but soon the hairdresser also noticed this.

After first noticing this phenomenon, years of international research and the exchange of views with scientists on the fenugreek plant and its seed followed. The result was a fundamental knowledge of the fenugreek plant as well as a consistent (and lasting up until today) further development of the active substance combinations. Worldwide patent applications and an initial study in close cooperation with scientists and pharmacists followed.

A fenugreek seed concentrate was developed with the support of renowned experts under the premise of careful processing. After lengthy experiments, the fenugreek seed concentrate – enriched with vitamins – came onto the market for the first time in 1987 in the form of soft gelatine capsules under the name “Arcon-Tisane Hair Vitamin Capsules”.
ARCON emerged as a corporate name from the English-language “hAiR CONditioner”, and the product name “Tisane” (French for “herbal tea”) is an allusion to the origin of the product.

The start of a success story

BockshornThe first batches of Arcon-Tisane hair vitamin capsules were still offered in glass bottles.

2005 In order to more clearly emphasise the international alignment, the company changes the corporate name to Arcon International GmbH
2006 After a nearly two-year preparatory and implementation phase, a new nutritional science study is concluded in April with great success.

The successor to the original product from 1987 tested in the study comes onto the German market in November: Fenugreek + Micronutrient Hair Capsules Arcon-Tisane plus.
2011 Arcon Tisane® plus proves his effect again in a further clinical study.
2016 Jutta Mai and Heinz Mai handed over the company to Marcus Mai
2017 Arcon International is celebrating its 30th anniversary