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Arcon International is one of the leading suppliers of products with fenugreek concentrate. Nutritional supplements and products for the outer application are part of the product-list. The company is particularly well-known for its unique combinations of active substances with regard to increased hair loss*.

Arcon International holds patents and studies for utilization of fenugreek seeds with regard to increased hair loss* and deduces as the only company fenugreek concentrate and micronutrients or others active agents.


* The formulation "increased hair loss" describes a non-illness-related, slight to moderate hair loss


The production and further development of innovative products and the vegetable fenugreek seed concentrate in cooperation with nutritionists and pharmacists is based on decades of experience with the highest claim to quality and digestibility. Moreover, the company attaches special value to the verification of the effectiveness of its products through recognised institutes.

All food supplements of Arcon International are produced under consideration of the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice).


Based on decades of expertise, Arcon International has set the goal to establish itself as the specialist in matters pertaining to fenugreek. The company also intends to further develop the various fields of application with regard to fenugreek seeds.


Marcus Mai
Management / CEO
Arcon International GmbH
Turmstr. 12
78467 Konstanz
Tel.: +49 (0) 75 31 / 1226363


Business location: Konstanz (Germany)
Date of foundation: 1987